Robert Canis is a professional nature photographer living in Kent, England. Born in 1970, from an early age he has always had a fascination with the natural world and from the moment he first picked up a camera at the age of 10, he has been hooked!

Upon leaving school he attended Paddington College, in London, where he gained a BTECH National Diploma in Photography and for several years thereafter worked as an assistant photographer and photographic technician. Although no longer a member of the RPS (Royal Photographic Society), at the age of 19 he was awarded an ARPS (Associate) in the nature category where he was (and still is) one of the youngest ever to do so. He would spend every free moment with his camera but feeling he needed to devote more time to his nature photography, at the age of 22 he decided to take the plunge and turn freelance.

Although Robert considers himself to be very much a stay-at-home nature photographer, over the years he has had a growing fascination with northern and eastern Europe which has resulted in numerous trips to Poland, Finland and to the Czech Republic where he regularly leads photographic tours. He is represented by three international agencies and has been the recipient of numerous awards in such prestigious competitions as the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Bird Photographer of the Year, British Wildlife Photography Awards, Asferico, International Garden Photographer of the Year, International Photography Awards and Environmental Photographer of the Year. Robert is the recipient of the Royal Photographic Society’s Gold Medal and in 2014 was appointed a Nikon ambassador for their Extreme Weather Photography campaign.

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