Elliott Neep is an award-winning professional wildlife photographer supplying stock images to Getty Images and Frank Lane Picture Agency (FLPA). Elliott’s images regularly feature in various media, and alongside his photographic and guiding roles, Elliott produces feature-illustrated articles and has his own column in Practical Photography magazine, one of Britain’s leading photography monthlies.

Although Elliott studied Business and Marketing and worked in IT for Intel Corporation among others, by 2002 the photography bug had bitten! His new vocation developed in leaps and bounds, and by 2005, wildlife photography had become a full-time career. Elliott won his first award in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005, with subsequent exhibition images and awards in The International Photographer of the Year, British Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Windland Smith Rice International Awards (Natures Best), and the International Loupe (Aperture) Awards.

Elliott is a popular and attentive leader, and uses his experience, superb technique and trained eye to assist his guests in getting “the picture”. He is our Polar specialist, and also has extensive experience in east Africa.