We have been monitoring the area with camera traps over a 12 month period and during this time we have accumulated a massive amount of images. The target species is of course Brown Bears (Ursus arctos), of which we have recorded many different individuals including adult males, females and cubs!

Other species have shown up regularly too, including deer, fox, badgers, wild boar and golden eagles. We are also very excited to have captured two of the most important and elusive european predators, wolf and lynx! Wolves have been frequenting the area in good numbers, one of Europe’s most iconic predators!

The hides have now been built and the area is waiting for the first group of clients who arrive next month. The bears are now awake after the winter hibernation. With an inclusive package, which includes flight, transfers and accommodation, we’ve come up with a unique workshop that will ensure you capture once-in-a-lifetime images of some of Europe’s most endangered and enigmatic species.

Over the course of four days in the field, we will enjoy numerous opportunities to capture spectacular images of Europe’s top predator and endangered wildlife in natural forest settings. In all a truly spectacular wildlife photography adventure.

Here are some images captured by the camera traps: