Planning your next trip? Want to see the world through new eyes? Love travel? Then the National Geographic Traveller Festival is for you. Step into the pages of our award-winning publication at this all-day celebration of travel, packed with inspirational speakers, writers, photographers, travel experts and must-try workshops. Pick from a menu featuring our popular Travel Geeks panels, Photography and Travel Writing masterclasses, Babbel language lessons, dance and martial arts classes, cooking demonstrations, and much, much more.

Photography Masterclasses

Learn how to do more than just point and shoot at our comprehensive Photography Masterclasses.

Fill your day with masterclasses to help sharpen your skills, iron out bad habits and give you a better understanding of your camera’s functions to enhance your travel images. Learn what it takes to make the jump from amateur to professional photographer.

Landscapes – it’s easy isn’t it?

Tatra Photography guide you through how to make your landscape shots even better than they were before.

They might not melt into the undergrowth like animals, or be as fleeting as the glance of a passerby, but landscapes may not be as simple to perfect as you first thought. Leading landscape photographer Mark Bauer from Tatra Photography, whose extensive work ranges from the northern lights in Greenland to the wild Atlantic in Portugal, gives the best advice when it comes to shooting scenery, from making the most of natural light to striking the perfect balance of land and sky.

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