This year’s migration workshops were treated to many sightings as the iconic Mara reserve always provides. Our professional photographer Andy Parkinson captured a lion hunt for buffalo who trespassed too close to the pride on its own.

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A 3-4 month old sticks close to its sibling as they pass by our vehicle.

A lioness affectionately plays with another lioness as a cub watches on.

A lioness is affectionately mobbed by some of the younger members of a 21 strong pride.

A lioness waches some distant buffalo intently.

A lioness waches some distant buffalo intently Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, Africa.

A pair of lionesses watch intently from an elevated viewpoint and within minutes they’d brought down an adult buffalo.

A lioness yawns whilst on the move.

A lioness makes first contact with an adult female buffalo that, with the help of 3 other lionesses, they manage to kill to feed their 21 strong pride.