Lee Pengelly – Landscape & Travel Photographer.

Lee has been shooting the landscape for years perfecting his craft at home and abroad. Favouring the wide scenic Lee aims to draw you in to his pictures. Follow his travel tips to lift your holiday snaps to the next level.

Using your camera creatively will make your images stand out from the crowd, turning a snapshot into something that holds the attention. Thinking how you can use the cameras controls before taking the shot, or previsualising how a particular setting will affect the scene before you is good practice. Apertures, ISO settings and white balance all affect the final image but one of the most creative tools we have at our disposal is the shutter speed. It gives you the ability to slow the world down or speed it up by capturing split second moments or extending time in two dimensional images. One technique I like is to add movement or motion into an image. A sturdy tripod is essential as this involves shutter speeds down into the seconds, making a handheld image impossible. A good rule to remember if you are worried about camera shake is make sure your shutter speed matches or exceeds the longest focal length of your lens, for example a 70-200m lens would need at least 1/250sec to handhold safely.


Black Beach, Iceland. 0.8sec at F16 iso 100.