Lee Pengelly – Landscape & Travel Photographer.

Lee has been shooting the landscape for years perfecting his craft at home and abroad. Favouring the wide scenic Lee aims to draw you in to his pictures. Follow his travel tips to lift your holiday snaps to the next level.

Once the sun has set don’t be tempted to pack up and go home, the best conditions sometimes occur in the period between sunset and dusk when the last light of the day underlights cloud cover turning pink through orange and red. This is a great time to shoot silhouettes or stunning seascapes. A graduated grey filter can come in handy for seascapes to help balance the exposure between land and sky.

Many foreign cities come alive at dusk, buildings are illuminated by floodlights and people stroll up and down streets and promenades. The best time to shoot illuminated buildings is around 20 minutes after sunset when the ambient and artificial light are within the same exposure range. By using small apertures between F11 and F16 any light source will turn into a star shape. Use a sturdy tripod to ensure the camera is steady and use slow shutter speeds to record people moving through the image, usually an exposure time of around ½ sec will create enough blur without the people disappearing.


Poprad town, Slovakia. 12secs at F16 iso 100.