Location: Zdarske vrchy, Czech Republic
Duration: 2 nights / 3 days
Group Size: Max 7
Level of fitness required: Easy

For the best ever birds of prey photography workshop, join us in the Czech Republic where we will spend two days photographing a wide range of raptors, including golden eagle, peregrine falcon and a variety of owls, both in-flight and posed in stunning, natural settings. Nowhere else can we replicate the diversity of opportunities this location provides. The course culminates in a unique opportunity to photograph at eye level eagles gliding above a natural pond.

The workshop begins with a morning flight to Prague. On arrival we transfer to our hotel and check in and for the next two days you will enjoy a unique and rare opportunity to photograph some of northern Europe’s most charismatic birds of prey, both in flight and perched in authentic natural settings. Using professional falconers and trained birds, you will have the chance to photograph species such as golden eagle, sea eagle, peregrine falcon, tawny owl and eagle owl, as they fly amidst the wild landscape of the Czech Republic. We will fly the birds in appropriate habitat, including over water, enabling you to capture natural-looking and spectacular pictures that would be almost impossible to achieve with wild birds without months of work. Guidance and tuition on how to get the best from each situation will be available throughout both days from a professional photographer. Over the 3 days, you can expect a packed workshop of great photography, great company and great food in the beautiful Czech Republic.

Your tutor for this workshop is Simon Stafford. Simon  first became interested in photography while a university student. Completely self-taught, his photographic career began when he talked his way into a job as the photographer for his university’s weekly newspaper and has been shooting pictures ever since. His photographs have been used widely in newspapers, books, calendars, and magazines, including Nikon Pro, Professional Photographer, Practical Photography, Digital SLR Photography and Photography Monthly, plus he is Technical Editor to Nikon Owner magazine.

Simon has built up a wealth of experience over the past thirty years in both film and digital photography. Throughout his photographic career he has used the Nikon system extensively, adopting digital photography at an early stage with the release of the Nikon D1 camera during 1999; he has being using digital cameras exclusively since 2004. He completed his first book, The Nikon Compendium, during 2003. With nearly 400 pages and Simon’s own extensive photography of Nikon cameras, Nikkor lenses, and Nikon system accessories, it represents a comprehensive history of the Nikon system for the user and collector alike. He has also written over twenty books on the Nikon camera system for the Magic Lantern Guide series, published by Sterling Publishing. Currently he is involved in a wide variety of photographic projects, which include presenting photographic workshops, teaching on-line photography courses, and working with wildlife research and conservation organisations in South Africa.

Golden Eagle – Aquila Chrysaetos
Flight & static shots, flights across a natural pond (approximately 15-20 flights) depending on conditions without jesses, expect wing tips dipping in the water and reflections. We will also have the opportunity with static shots in a mountain location.


Western Siberian Eagle Owl – Bubo bubo Sibiricus
Flight & static shots, flights in the late afternoon in low light in a natural remote forrest setting without jesses, backlit and side-lit.

Western siberian eagle owl

Eurasian Eagle Owl – Bubo Bubo
Flight & static shots, sunrise flying shots through the trees in a remote forrest location without jesses, flying shots will be backlit and side-lit. Static shots also in forrest location.


Great Grey Owl – Strix Nebulosa
Flight & static shots, sunrise flying shots through the trees in a remote forrest location without jesses, flying shots will be front lit. Static shots also in forrest location.

Ben Hall Great Grey

Red Tailed Hawk – Buteo Jamaicensis
Flight & static, flights in field location from a perch to falconers glove without jesses, static shots also in the field location.


Long Eared Owl – Asio Otus
Static shots in remote forrest locations on a tree bark with moss.


Steppe Eagle – Aquila nipalensis
Flight & static shots, flights circling around the forrest without jesses and static shots with forrest backdrop.


Northern Goshawk – Accipiter gentilis
Flight & static shots, short flights of approximately 5 – 10 metres without jesses, static shots with the Goshawk feeding on a jay.


Common Buzzard – Buteo Buteo
Flight & static shots, short flights of approximately 10 metres in forrest location without jesses, static images with Buzzard perched in a tree.


Barn Owl – Tyto alba
Flight & static shots, flights of approximately 10 – 15 metres in golden mire field location without jesses, static shots in field location and barn fence.


Little Owl – Athene noctua
Static shots in deep forrest with moss in the foreground and a tree hole.


Snowy Owl – Bubo Scandiacus
Flight & static shots, flights of approximately 10 – 15 metres in golden mire field location without jesses, static shots in field location.


Tawny Owl – Strix Aluco
Flight & static shots, short flight of approximately 5 – 10 metres in remote forrest location without jesses, static shots with the Owl perched on a tree branch.



Hotelové-pokojeHotel Manes is located in a little district surrounded by mountains near the Svratka river. This beautiful town is situated in a very nice Czechomoravian county called Zdarske Hills. This will be our base for the Bird of Prey workshop, all rooms provided are single occupancy with en-suite facilities, the hotel offers international and local cuisine in the restaurant and free wi-fi, sauna, Jacuzzi & fitness room for guests.

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