Lee Pengelly – Landscape & Travel Photographer.

Lee has been shooting the landscape for years perfecting his craft at home and abroad. Favouring the wide scenic Lee aims to draw you in to his pictures. Follow his travel tips to lift your holiday snaps to the next level.

It’s very tempting whilst travelling just to shoot the wide views and landmarks but sometimes it’s good to look for smaller details too. These can be natural details such as flowers and insects or architectural details. Without doubt the smaller details can sum up the character of a city or village, signs and symbols which are synonamous with a particular country also make interesting subjects. When travelling abroad it’s not always possible to carry all of your lenses with you, if you don’t have a macro lens a close up filter or a zoom with a 1:2 macro ratio setting can suffice. Even more useful is a small collapsible reflector with a silver and white side, this can be used to bounce light into shadows when shooting close ups and flowers. Use a wide aperture to create shallow depth of field, this enables faster shutter speeds and also creates a better visual effect making details stand out.

Cities and villages are full of architectural details, a 70-200mm lens will allow you to pick out details and compress perspective, making distant subjects appear closer together.


Skoda, Slovakia. 1/60sec at F2.8 iso 100.