Lee Pengelly – Landscape & Travel Photographer.

Lee has been shooting the landscape for years perfecting his craft at home and abroad. Favouring the wide scenic Lee aims to draw you in to his pictures. Follow his travel tips to lift your holiday snaps to the next level.

People pictures are a must whilst travelling, not always the easiest of subjects but sometimes a portrait of a local can say more about a place than a sweeping vista. Getting a feel for a place first will increase your chances of good people pictures. By engaging with local people, asking questions and having a friendly approach your subject will be more relaxed, dodging around in the shadows with a long lens can create a bad atmosphere but by asking permission you can let your subject know what you are doing. Converse with them and shoot as you speak, don’t  wait for them to look at the camera but shoot them engrossed in various activities and work, environmental portraits are a great way to shoot naturally posed pictures where the subject is at ease. The candid approach is great for crowd scenes, picking out people in processions or festivals. Wide apertures of F2.8 and F4 will enable fast shutter speeds freeing you up from the tripod and enabling quick shots capturing expressions and actions.


Fisherman fixing boat, Cornwall. 1/320sec at F6.3 iso 100.