Lee Pengelly – Landscape & Travel Photographer.

Lee has been shooting the landscape for years perfecting his craft at home and abroad. Favouring the wide scenic Lee aims to draw you in to his pictures. Follow his travel tips to lift your holiday snaps to the next level.

Most landscape photographers get very annoyed when people appear in their scenic shots, usually just after the sun has popped out from behind a cloud after waiting for an hour !, but sometimes having a human element in the landscape can add to scene giving a sense of scale or a splash of colour. Wide angle lenses are notorious for making subjects look further away than they really are, adding a person in a scene will give the viewer a visual idea of the size of the landscape. Colour is also important, a red jacket will always look great contrasting with the lush green of a landscape.

If you find yourself in an empty landscape you can always don a red jacket yourself set the camera to self timer mode and walk into the shot. Make sure you cover the viewfinder eyepiece when doing this as stray light can bounce around inside the camera affecting the metering system.


Plitvice tourist trail, Croatia. 1/125sec at F5.6 iso 100.